What our customers have to say about EcoKnit™

Just wanted to let you know that it has now been two years since we purchased our EcoKnit towels and they still look amazing

I would recommend them to any motel who wants a towel that will go the distance. True to your word they have not pulled and have kept their shape and colour and definitely reduced drying time. I will easily get another twelve months out of them which is amazing considering I was replacing towels every 12 months. Great for me, perhaps not so good for you. Please pass on our details to anyone who wants to hear me rave on about them, happy to oblige.

Susie Hart (Owner) :: Belmont Motor Lodge, Wellington, New Zealand

EcoKnit Towelling, WOW what an amazing towel range!!

Which we discovered the first time we tried those many years ago and still going strong. They have a much quicker drying time!!!! No stitching coming apart!! They look great……. They are Amazing. Thanks Team for introducing us to them. Have a good day,

Lorna (Owner) :: 299 On Devon West Motel, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Success Story – The hotel saves around €2,500 a month by washing in-house. And its soft new hand towels couldn't be any more comfortable!

‘ How to describe the new EcoKnit towels? Easy. They’re much softer and fleecier than any I’ve come across before!’ The BEST WESTERN Hotel zur Post in the centre of Bremen, Germany, has 175 rooms,a café including a confectionery and bar, and a 1,600m² spa area. No wonder many tourists choose to stay there. The hotel’s soft new towels are another reason to book a room. Since 2003, all hand towels and bath mats have been washed in the in-house laundry – a decision made by hotel director Hartmut Deichsel, and one that he remains very happy with. With 700 – 1,000 towels and bath mats needing washing every day, using an in-house laundry reduces the cost of buying and replacing towels. With the new in-house laundry concept using washing machines and dryers from Electrolux Professional, Deichsel says the hotel saves around €2,500 a month. Washed hand towels dry faster and quickly feel soft and fleecy again. ‘EcoKnit towels dry 20 percent faster than normal towels,’ says Deichsel, ‘which means we also use less energy.’

Hartmut Deichse (Hotel Director) :: BEST WESTERN Hotel zur Post, Bremen, Germany

We have been using the Ecoknit full towel range for just over two years and never looked back!

Having supplied towels for London’s Hospitality sector for over 35 years, we can definitely recommend these towels over any other offered by competing suppliers. The main advantages noticed, compared to our previous 100% cotton towels, are the huge reductions in laundering and purchase costs.

The towels are indeed snag-free and even those purchased two years ago have no pulled loops or frayed edges. Even under the often clumsy handling in cages, there are no signs of damage!

For us, anything we can do to reduce our carbon footprint, is a priority. So, equally, the EcoKnit’s quick drying characteristic results in speedy drying times and, consequently, reducing our utility bills. An additional bonus…increased productivity as the dryers can now keep up with the Washing Department!

We are constantly receiving positive feedback about the towels, especially from our longest- running customers, who notice the difference the most.

Thank you for a fantastic product and a very friendly and professional service.

David Budino :: Galicia Laundry Limited, England

"I would like to take this opportunity to say how happy we are since we changed our towels to the EcoKnit"

We have found that we can turn the bathroom towels around in a shorter time due to the saving in drying time.

The quality remains as good as new after many washes, there are no threads hanging from the edges, no wavy hems due to shrinkage and best of all the cost of replacement has come down due to the longer life of the towels compared to previous.

These are by far the best towels I have ever worked with in all the years I have been in Hotel Management.

Alice Ng (General Manager) :: Holiday Inn Newcastle, England

"The response we have received have been very good, so good that the towels and their quality have repeatedly been mentioned on guest internet review"

Hotel Óðinsvé emphasize good service and comfort for our guests. To fulfil our goal, our aim is to offer only best quality fabrics in all materials our guests will use.

For five years now, we have chosen the 600 gsm EcoKnit towels for all our rooms, suites and apartments. The response we have received have been very good, so good that the towels and their quality have repeatedly been mentioned on guest internet review websites. As a result, we give our best recommendations to the EcoKnit towels.

Bjarni Hákonarson (Hotel Manager) :: Hótel Óðinsvé, Iceland

We have been using Hartdean's EcoKnit Quick Drying Snag Free Towels for the past 10 years

We are very happy with the quality of the EcoKnit 550gsm towels and they certainly do last.

We have our own in-house laundry that looks after all the linen for the two hotels and we do note the reduced drying times which they advocate. This has a benefit of turning stock round quicker as well as the cost reductions in our energy consumption.

We like the fact they are eco friendly, which fits in with the Best Western Plus ethos of going Green and reducing our carbon footprint. Thank you to Hartdean for a lovely product and professional service. We look forward to dealing with you in the future.

Simon Hartland (Managing Director) :: BEST WESTERN PLUS Manor Hotel Meriden, England

Several guests have commented on the 'snowy white linens’, which you should take as a tribute

Just to let you know that the bed linen and EcoKnit towels we bought last year have stood up really well to the use, and I’ve been able to deal with sun tan lotion, make up and stains without too much trouble. Several guests have commented on the ‘snowy white linens’, which you should take as a tribute to your products.

Debbie O'Neill (Owner) :: Gorce Vacances, France

We have been selling Hartdean's EcoKnit Quick Drying Snag Free products for 2 years on our websites to both businesses and household.

Hartdean’s Ecoknit 550 gsm towels really do achieve all the performance claims. They soak up water, they don’t snag, they stay beautifully soft and they last a lot longer than any woven towel.

We have never had a single return of this item and people usually order more when they have tried and compared them to their woven towels.

We have also found that people who have bought Hartdean’s EcoKnit products from us have gone on to recommend them to others and speaking of others, we also stock EcoKnit bathrobes for exactly the same reasons and they too are extremely popular on our gifts site

Andy McPhaden (Director) :: Andy McPhaden Limited

Keep up the excellent work, these towel are one of the best buys you can make

I own a hotel and I first purchased Hartdean Snag Free Towels in 2006. In February 2013 I purchased more - I have lost some over the last 6 years to hair dye, fake tan and pilfering. However the remainder of my 2006 towels are excellent.

I still have the sample towel from 2006, which John Balladon gave to me at Hotelympia. When I showed it to Paul this year he asked to keep it as an example of how well they wear - it was excellent.

John Connolly (Owner) :: Rathbaun Hotel, Ireland

We will definitely be buying some more next time we need to replace towels

The EcoKnit towels have allowed us to reduce our drying time from 1 hour on high to 30 minutes on medium, so quite a saving on time and energy over the year.

Nicola Stafford :: Lysses House Hotel and Richmond Restaurant

We estimate the drying time to be about half the time of our previous cotton towels

We have now had the new towels in use for about a month and have been extremely pleased with them. We have had absolutely no adverse comments from any of our clients and would estimate the drying time to be about half the time of our previous cotton towels.

Richard :: The Hollies Hotel