Record Washes for EcoKnit Robes

EcoKnit Robes

EcoKnit Has reached a new milestone in achieving a record number of washes with a major UK Spa.

300 Washes!

This compared to the industry average of 70 on a traditional 100% cotton robe is outstanding. The savings on repurchasing alone make’s EcoKnit an exceptional, value for money robe. We are saving spa’s 4 robes for every one EcoKnit robe purchased.

Spa’s need to use a higher concentration of detergent in order to rid the products of stains and treatments, in a traditional 100% cotton product this means the fabric will deteriorate quicker and shorten the life span. With EcoKnit we do not suffer the same deterioration and that means a longer life.

Don’t forget we also dry up to 50% quicker, saving you 50% of your energy consumption and that also means processing items through the laundry faster.

EcoKnit Is the only robe on the market that will recoup its purchase cost in savings.

We think that makes great business sense!